Use of fireworks is illegal in Riverside County


Riverside County and the City of Canyon Lake have deemed all unauthorized fireworks, including sparklers, illegal, enforcing a strict zero-tolerance policy on their use. Those caught in possession and/or using unauthorized fireworks will be subject to a hefty fine and/or imprisonment. Anyone who causes a fire by the use of fireworks will be financially responsible for all suppression costs.

Canyon Lake POA Rule GR.2.7 states that no person shall sell, offer for sale, use, discharge, possess, store or transport any type of fireworks within the CLPOA community unless the person or organization has obtained a special permit from the General Manager. Violations subject the prime member to applicable fines.

The fine for the first offense is $100.00; second offense fine is $250.00 and third offense fine is $500. Many cities and communities in or near Riverside County provide spectacular fireworks displays for their residents. The operators of these displays are licensed and have permits issued by the State Fire Marshal. County officials urge residents to leave the fireworks to the professionals.