Fireworks are illegal in Riverside County


With the July 4th holiday approaching, the Riverside Sheriff’s Department would like to remind residents that Fireworks are illegal in Riverside County.

ALL fireworks, including sparklers, are illegal in Riverside County. All fireworks are illegal because they cause serious injuries and very often, cause fires. Riverside County has very diverse terrain. The vegetation is very dry where fireworks can easily start a brush fire.

Individuals caught with illegal fireworks will be subject to fines, citation and/or arrest including confiscation of all illegal fireworks. Individuals who cause fires by using illegal fireworks will be held responsible for all suppression costs. These costs can run into the millions of dollars.

The City of Canyon Lake and the Canyon Lake POA also have rules against the use of fireworks.

Many cities and communities in or near Riverside County provide spectacular fireworks displays for their residents. The operators of these displays are licensed and have permits issued by the State Fire Marshal. County officials urge residents to leave the fireworks to the professionals.