CL tot sings National Anthem at Storm game


Three-year-old Canyon Laker Tegan Perry was honored with singing the National Anthem before a Storm game on June 3 at The Diamond.

With Thunder by his side, Tegan sings the National Anthem at a Lake Elsinore Storm game. Photo provided by Tawny Perry

Tegan’s mom, Tawny Perry, said her son became obsessed with singing the National Anthem about two months ago after watching hockey games at home with his dad, Greg

Thunder carries Tegan off the field after his performance of the National Anthem. Photo provided by Tawny Perry


Tegan taught himself the words to the National Anthem by watching other children sing it on YouTube videos.

“He asked over and over again if he could sing it at a baseball stadium,” Tawny said. “With Tegan being only three years old, I kind of ignored it for weeks.”

After much persuasion from the tot, Tawny set up a speaker and microphone at Tegan’s tee ball game, thinking he would be happy to sing it there.

After singing at the tee ball game, Tegan continued to ask if he could sing the National Anthem at a baseball stadium.

Tawny eventually reached out to The Diamond management to see if they would allow Tegan to sing it there. Her request was granted.

With “Thunder” by his side and friends and family looking on, Tegan belted out the National Anthem like a pro.

“Everyone was giving him high fives and telling him he did a great job,” said Tawny. “He thought he was a celebrity after that.”

Tegan isn’t stopping with a Storm game. He’s now requesting to sing the National Anthem at a hockey game. Tegan’s performance can be viewed on his YouTube channel at Tegan Perry.