Residents honor dads with Father’s Day tributes


To help celebrate Father’s Day, The Friday Flyer invite Canyon Lake resident to honor their fathers or the father of their children by sharing a message or favorite memory.

Paul and Hadlee Card

Paul Card

Daddy, I love you every day and I play with you sometimes ’cause you have to go to work to do work, but that’s okay.”

Hadlee Card
Age three

Steve Duncan

Steve Duncan

To the most loving father a child could ever have. You protected our country as you protect our children. On Father’s Day, we hope you feel honored for all your years of leading our family. And every day, we hope you feel how loved you are. We love you.

Duncan family

Craig, Mason and Wyatt Brown

Craig Brown

Happy Father’s Day to the most incredible Daddy out there. We love you more than you’ll ever know.  To the world, you may be just a daddy, but to us, you are the world. Daddy, you are as smart as Iron Man, as strong as Hulk, as fast as Superman and as brave as Batman. You’re our favorite superhero. We love you so much.

Mason and Wyatt Brown
Ages five and two

DeAnna Rotunda, Nicholas Howell, Tom Rotunda

Tom Rotunda

Dad, thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for your family. You have an amazing heart and the best sense of humor. Your talents and strength always amaze us. Thank you for teaching us how to appreciate the outdoors; you can fish like no one else. You are the best dad and papa in the world.  We love you so much.

Jennifer, Bob and Nicholas

Janelle Liem, Cy Peterson and Dale Peterson

Cy Peterson

There are not enough words to describe just how important our dad is to us and what a powerful influence he has always been. He is such a loving and giving man. When we were young he worked long, hard hours in his pharmacy businesses, but he always had time for fabulous vacations. Road trips all over the United States, Canada and Mexico.  We would say he has gypsy blood and fortunately, that was passed on to us kids. We always felt protected and loved by our dad. Dads hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. Thank you, Dad. We love you very much.

Janelle and Dale

Kellerman Marich

To a very special father who we love so much. You’ve always been encouraging, generous and wise. Happy Father’s Day. Love, your family.

Kellerman Marich Jr.

Justin Whiteside, Katie Moline and Bob Whiteside

Bob Whiteside

When times are good or bad, one of our greatest blessings is the man we call dad. We love you.

Justin and Katie

Joe, Jaxon and Nixon Zagone

Joe Zagone

You are the best dad in the world. Thank you for everything. We love you.

Jaxon and Nixon Zagone
Ages seven and two

Chuck and Kylee Moreno

Chuck Moreno

My dad Chuck Moreno is the best dad ever. He has taught me how to fish, drive the boat, hunt and many more. He always tells me to keep working hard in school and don’t worry about the people around you. We go to spring training every year for our father-daughter trip. We really enjoy watching baseball together. I love him so much and I hope he has a good Father’s Day.

Kylee Moreno
Age 14

John Fyffe and Cheryl Maxwell

John Fyffe

Daddy, I Wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me so far. I am truly and incredibly blessed to have you as my dad. You are my biggest supporter, my best bud, my rock and my inspiration. I know I can always count on you and look forward to the memories we have yet to make. Love you, Cheryl.

Cheryl Maxwell

Dale Good, Linda Belmontez, Tiffany Good, Amanda Frattali, Paul Good and Rebecca Good

Dale Good

Dad, I am proud to be your son. You are a good man and a great role model. You have always been there for your family and we will always be there for you. We have had a lot of great memories on the sports fields and I will never forget our times at Lake Havasu, Lake Shasta, Hawaii and Wind Star/Caribbean. We will have many, many more. So hurry up and buy “our” boat and enjoy “our” new home at Canyon Lake. Happy Fathers Day from your first and favorite son.

Paul Good

Tom, Jake, Nikki and T.J. Padden

T.J. Padden

To our one and only, favorite dad. Thank you for coaching, teaching, loving, nurturing, supporting, guiding, being there for us and helping us grow. You are such a cool and fun dad and we are so thankful we have the best dad in the world. You work so hard to give us the best and you deserve the best. Happy Father’s Day Dad.  Love you to the moon and back. Love, Jake and Nikki.

Jake and Mikki Padden
Ages nine and seven

Jared Hatch, Oliver Hatch, Alexandra Hatch, Drew Sullivan, Alyson Wren ,Daniel Wren, Shauna Sullivan, Nathan Sullivan and Megan Sullivan

Drew Sullivan

Drew is seriously the best father and grandfather ever. He is the most kind and supportive man alive. He loves spending time with his family and his family loves spending time with him. We are so grateful to have him in our life. We love you Dad. And Oliver says he loves you the most.

From all your kids and grandbaby

Shannon Trujillo and Doug Dzikonski

Doug Dzikonski

Thank you, Dad, for everything. You have been such a great support system and I am proud to call you my dad. Happy Father’s Day. We love you. love always, the Trujillo family.

Shannon Trujillo

Gianna and Milena

Kurt Mascio

Dear Daddy, Thank you for working hard. We love you. Thank you for sneaking us cookies.

Gianna and Milena
Ages 11 and four

Carter, Pete Hixson and Matthew Hixson

Pete Hixson

I love daddy because he’s my best friend. He likes to go to Awesome Park with me. He likes Rubble, bubble water, beer, basketball and wine. He goes to work every day. I like when we go in the hot tub and when he throws me in the air. He’s the best every time.

Carter Hixson
Age 2

Dylan, Jeremiah, Ryann, Rebecca and Bear

Jeremiah Boshard

Dad, you are the best dad. You go to work every day to make money and then come home to work on our house to make it a fun place to live. I love you so much. Thank you, Dad. Love Ryann.
My dad is exceptional. He works so hard but takes time to be with his family. He will take my sister and me out every other weekend for daddy-daughter dates and they are so much fun. He spends as much time as he can with us. Love, Rebecca
My family use to live in dreadful conditions in Texas where the walls had cracks in them and there were scorpions and centipedes that emerged in the house. But because of my hardworking father, we now live in a house on the lake in this great community. Love you, Dad. Love Dylan.

Ryann, Rebecca and Dylan
Ages 11, 14 and 16

Jake, Mike, Lexi and Lori Hinkley

Mike Hinkley

We are so lucky to have you as our dad. You are the best dad that anyone could ever have. We are so thankful for all that you do for our family. We wouldn’t know what to do without you.  Love you all the world.

Lexi and Jake
Ages 18 and 17

Jack Kennedy, Diane Libring, Brittani Libring, Jason Libring, Steve Libring, Ashley Libring, Danielle Libring and Carol Roberson

Steve Libring

Happy Father’s Day Dad. You’ve become our greatest role model in life, in faith and in financial responsibility. You have always taught us to be responsible and when to let things go. Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us and making us laugh. Without you, so many moments wouldn’t be the same. You’ve truly shown us what it means to love others as Christ loves us through every situation. Thank you for setting the best example of what a father and husband is. We love you for always putting a smile on our faces and bringing outside perspective when we need it. We cherish every moment we have with you. Thank you for supporting us through the years, including wedding day, boat days, sporting events, academic achievements and all of life successes.

Danielle, Brittani, Jack, Ashely and Jason

Cassidy and Brian Byers

Brian Byers

Our daddy is the best. He knows how to fix anything that breaks. He makes me laugh a lot. Love Cassidy. I love my daddy because he helps me with baseball and takes me to the pump track and rides around with me. Love Bradley.

Cassidy, Bradley and Bennett Byers
Ages seven, five and one

Danielle, Aiden, June, Ben and Aaron Wright

Ben Wright

I just wanted you to know how much I love you. I appreciate all the effort you put into our family. I love spending time with you, whether it’s watching a movie, fishing or swimming at the lake. Love June.
Thank you for always letting me play games on your phone. Love, Aiden.
I love you snuggle buddy. Love, Aaron.
Happy Father’s Day. We love and appreciate everything you do for us. We hope you know how truly thankful we are to have you as a daddy.

June, Aiden and Aaron Wright
Ages 10, six and four

Ava, Oliva and Tony Cerone

Tony Cerone

We are proud of you every day. You work so hard for us. We are so thankful we have you as our dad. We love you so much. Dad, we wanted to wish you the best Fathers Day ever. Love, Ava and Olivia.

Ava Cerone
Age 13

Richard and Emily Baum

Richard Baum

Happy father’s day to the best dad out there. Thank you so much for all you do. You truly are the coolest and best dad ever. Love, EJ.

Emily Baum

Ozzy and Doug Leff

Doug Leff

Hi, Dad and happy Father’s Day. I think you’re the best dad ever.

Ozzy Leff
Age 8

Bob Faught and Debbie Cocanour

Bob Faught

I could not let this Father’s Day pass without acknowledging my dad Bob Faught.  We are definitely two pea’s in a pod and have a special bond that I consider myself lucky to have. I really could not have asked for a better dad. I have so much appreciation for his guidance, patience, love and understanding. I have been fortunate that my parents have been married 50 years and I have watched and learned by his example of how a father and husband should treat his family. Growing up, he worked long hard hours but always made sure he spent time teaching his kids and spending quality family time. I have so many happy memories with my dad (and mom) and I would not change anything. I am truly one lucky girl to have my dad in my life.  Thank you, Dad, for all the unconditional love.

Debbie Cocanour

Brian Boettcher and family

Brian Boettcher

Thank you for being the best dad in the whole world. We love you to the moon and back a million times. You will have our heart for the rest of time. Happy Father’s Day.

Ava, Harlann, Rhyli-Marie and Declan

Chloe and Monty Dosamantes

Monty Dosamantes

I love you, Daddy. I love you so much that I can’t put it into words. I love when we go out to lunch together, just us. Whenever I am sad, you make me laugh. Lola says, “Bark, woof, arf, arf.” That translates to I love you so much, Dad. I love you Dad. Happy Father’s Day. Love, Chloe

Chloe Dosamantes
Age 10

David and Lindsay Torkelson

David Torkelson

Daddy, thank you so much for being the best dad on the planet, for always taking such amazing care of me and for always putting your family above anything else. You are so brave, strong, loyal and caring. I love you, Dad.

Lindsay Torkelson

Dale and Nicholas Welty

Dale Welty

I think I have the best Dad because he takes me so many places I want to go.  My dad is always so dedicated to me. He always is trying to teach me new things and is always trying to give me lots of new experiences. My Dad spends a lot of time taking me to tennis lessons, practices and matches. No matter what, rain or shine, hot or cold, I can count on seeing my dad standing there watching me. My dad is also a fun Dad. We do a lot together from board games to weekly movie outings. We have special shows that just my dad and I watch together every week. I feel lucky to have such a great dad. Happy Father’s Day dad.

Nicholas Welty
Age 11

Tony and Madison Boik

Tony Boik

Dear Daddy, I feel like everyone should know how much I love you. That’s why I wrote this: I love you and appreciate you very much. I don’t know what I would do without a father like you. If I didn’t have a father like you, life wouldn’t ever be even a teeny bit close to as good as life is now with you in it. I love you very much, Daddy.

Madison Boik
Age 9

Knutson Family

Charles Knutson Sr.

Happy Father’s Day to Chuck Knutson Sr. He brought that Mastercraft for our family which we still enjoy on the lake.

Catherine Knutson

John Begg

John Begg

Dear Daddy, I realize as each year goes by more and more of the attributes you possessed. You were always a good provider and someone to look up to, but so many other things I took for granted as the normal in families, I’ve realized in time, would be extraordinary to many people I’ve encountered over the years. Being brought up with faith, compassion, honesty and seeing how you cherished Mom and all of us. I am grateful to have had you for my father.

Susan Critelli