Accident sends one to hospital with minor injuries


An accident occurred at the intersection of Canyon Lake Drive and Vacation Drive on Monday that sent one person to the hospital with minor injuries. A baby was left unharmed.

According to Canyon Lake Community Patrol Officer Michael Erickson, the truck was making a left turn onto Vacation Drive when it struck a sedan at the stop sign, smashing the car’s hood and windshield before rolling over onto its side.

The incident had residents taking to social media to post photos and details of the accident.

“I was behind the car that was run over,” posted Jim Lafferty. “The truck was not going that fast. She just cut the corner too sharp. The truck rolled onto her hood and when it got to the roof, it rolled over slowly. There was a baby and two ladies in the truck. They were shaken up,” he said. “Can’t tell you how relieved I was when they handed out the baby and she was ok.”

“That girl in the truck is my very good friend,” said Stephanie McCasland. “It was a complete accident.”

The accident is still under investigation.