New EVMWD customer sewer rates start July 1


New sewer rates for EVMWD customers start July 1. Currently, EVMWD customers pay a flat, fixed rate for sewer service, which covers ongoing system maintenance, administrative, and facility costs. It doesn’t account for the impacts that households have on the sewer system. The most significant impact comes from the number of people living in each home.

To more accurately reflect the costs of providing sewer service, EVMWD’s Board of Directors adopted a new residential rate structure. The new structure reduced the fixed charge, and now includes a variable rate based on the number of people living in the home. The variable charge covers the cost to collect and transport sewage to the treatment plant, treatment chemicals, and waste disposal.

The new, lower fixed rate will be $20.29 per month. The variable rate will be $6.93 per month for each person in the home. For example, a four-person household would pay $27.72 (4 people times the variable rate of $6.93), plus the fixed rate of $20.29, for a total sewer bill of $48.01.

The Canyon Lake monthly residential capital sewer surcharge of $12 (40 cents per day) per 30 days billing cycle remains the same.

Customers who wish to update their person per household number can log on to and submit an online request or can call EVMWD Customer Service at 951-674-3146. Person per household number will not take effect until July 1.

Adjusting your household number for the variable sewer will also affect your household water budget. To help determine your rate, visit EVMWD’s website or contact Customer Service.

As a public service provider, EVMWD can only charge its customers for the costs associated with providing service. The district cannot earn a profit. By restructuring sewer service rates from fixed to variable, EVMWD ensures the lowest feasible costs for its customers which accurately reflect the cost of providing services.

Questions and Answers

Here are questions and answers supplied by EVMWD.

Q: How does EVMWD measure what goes into the sewer?

A: Although EVMWD cannot measure the sewer flow from each individual home, the variable sewer rate structure is designed to reflect the amount of waste each home contributes to the sewer system based on the indoor water budget and the number of people in the home.

Q: How does EVMWD know I’m sending more waste to the sewer than a home with less people?

A: Indoor water budgets allocate 55 gallons per person, per day. Generally the more people in the home, the more water a home needs. The same theory applies to sewer service, where an increase in the number of people in the home means an increased flow to the sewer system.

Q: Could my sewer costs go down under the variable rate structure?

A: Yes, some people will see their sewer bill decrease under the new rate structure, depending on the number of people in their household.

Q: We have a large family but we are very water efficient. Why do we have to pay a higher amount if we are not using more water than smaller households?

A: It is good to be water efficient. However wastewater is comprised of waste and water. A home’s sewer flow reflects the number of people in the home, not how much water you save. EVMWD’s tiered rates are designed to apply sewer costs more accurately based on each home’s expected flow to the sewer system.

Q: Do we get penalty charges for flushing more, showering more, etc.?

A: No. Sewer rates are based on the variable sewer rate structure for the number of people in the home. Although your sewer bill may not increase due to increased water use, the more water you use may cause you to go over your water budget, which would result in being charged more for water use.

Q: My home is vacant half the year, shouldn’t there be a reduced rate for me, since I am not contributing to the system year-round?

A: EVMWD’s sewer system is ready to use whenever you need it. In order to accomplish this, sewer rates are set based on the cost of service, maintenance, and the amount of flow the sewer treatment plants process. Everyone pays for these costs, as determined by the number of people in the home and the tiered rate. The tiered rate system applies these costs based on people in the home, which is more representative of each home’s contribution to the sewer system.

Q: Is EVMWD the first to charge for sewer services this way?

A: EVMWD is one of many local agencies to adopt a variable rate structure for sewer service. Many agencies charge block rates based on the volume of water a customer consumes.

Q: Does the variable rate structure apply to all EVMWD sewer customers?

A: All residents with sewer service in the EVMWD service area will be charged under the new variable sewer rate structure.

Q: What can I do to learn more about my sewer rates?

To learn more about sewer rates, call 951-674-3146 or visit