Letter: Fiesta Day


Editor, The Friday Flyer

We would like to give the Fiesta Day Committee and their volunteers huge kudos. They put on another awesome Fiesta Day despite the volumes of restrictions that the CALFIRE and Health Department placed on the event.

Most people don’t realize the months of planning and all the hoops the Fiesta Day Committee had to jump through for this event to happen. This is a largely thankless job. Many times, they must put up with inconsiderate, belligerent attendees and vendors.

Thank You to everyone who gave this hard-working group the freedom and grace to do their job with as little stress as possible.

Things that we have done for years at Fiesta Day are no longer possible for the event to continue due to new CALFIRE regulations: Golf carts are no longer allowed in the event area which allows for higher safety access if needed, there’s a restriction on how many parade vehicles that can enter the lodge area, the food booths must strictly adhere to all health regulations, canopies must be fire approved, and more.

The vehicle restrictions for cars and golf carts made this year’s event one of the safest ever.

With all the new restrictions, the Fiesta Day Committee did an amazing job making it all run smoothly, and safely, while being compliant with CALFIRE and Health Department.

All their arduous work and advance planning will help assure Fiesta Days continues for another 50 years.

Thank you

Lance Lillie