Emergency golf cart vehicle unveiled


A new emergency golf cart that could help to save lives on the golf course was unveiled last week.

Canyon Lake Mayor Pro Tem Larry Greene, POA Director Dale Welty, POA General Manager Eric Kazakoff and the crew of Canyon Lake Fire Station 60 were on hand at the golf course when resident Jack Wamsley unveiled the new emergency golf cart. The golf cart will be used on the course in the event of an emergency to reach remote locations that are otherwise unreachable by emergency vehicles.

The project was spearheaded by Jack, who has served 50 years in the fire service with the Los Angeles County Fire Department. “Incidents in the past could have been handled better if we had had a better response program,” said Jack.

Jack has been working on the project for more than two months. He, along with Prestige Golf Carts, designed the emergency golf cart. “The golf cart is equipped for transportation under any type of situation,” said Jack. “In the case of an emergency, the golf cart will provide emergency transportation and medical help to any location on the golf course.”

The fire department, in all cases, will be directly in charge of the medical service and will be able to start medical help immediately upon arrival at the scene, which has not been available in the past.

The golf cart will be stored at the country club. Jack will start training response drivers next week. The drivers, which consist of employees of the Golf Pro, will only use the golf cart to transport fire department crews and AMR medical staff to and from the scene.

The total cost of the golf cart is $16,044.25. Jack solicited donations bringing the total cost to the POA down to $3,544.25. CR&R donated $5,000, AMR donated $5,000 in emergency equipment, Men’s Golf Club donated 1,000, Women’s Golf Club donated $500, CLAMS donated $600, CLAPPS donated $200 and the 9ers Golf Club donated $200.

Jack would like to thank those who served on the Emergency Golf Cart Project Committee: Mayor Pro Tem Larry Greene, POA Director Dale Welty, Captain Carter of Canyon Lake Fire Station 60, Captain Jeff Roberts of Fire Station 94, Bill Levis and Gary Bradford of the Men’s Golf Club, Darlene Cortez of the Women’s Golf Club, Harry Larson of the CLAMS and Linda Kielty of the 9ers Golf Club.

The Emergency Golf Cart Program is not the first program spearheaded by Jack. Jack helped to form the City of Canyon Lake and served on the first city council when the city was incorporated in December 1990. He later served as mayor. Jack helped to form the city in one year, which was one of the fastest incorporations in California. Jack was recognized for the formation of the city more than a quarter of a century ago when he and two other city founders, Warren Kelsey and John Giardinelli, were asked to serve as grand marshals of the 2016 Fiesta Day Parade.

Jack, a 30 year resident of Canyon Lake, also served three times on the POA Board of Directors. Jack also helped to form Lake Elsinore and San Jacinto Watersheds Authority (LESJWA) with Mark Norton and served on its board for four years. He currently serves on the Canyon Lake Lease Litigation Committee and Dredge Committee.

On Wednesday, Jack was appointed to represent District 1 as a zone commissioner for the Riverside County Flood Control Board. He will be working closely with Riverside County District 1 Supervisor Kevin Jeffries.

Jack said he enjoys working closely with POA General Manager Eric Kazakoff and City Manager Aaron Palmer. “I like to help whenever I can, whether it be helping with a project or helping members of the POA Board, Canyon Lake City Council or committees,” said Jack. “Keeping busy is very important to me, especially since I lost my Nancy of 60 years last year on May 5.”


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