Catch of the Day


Ken Petersen catches a largemouth bass while fishing off the dock at the lodge. Photo BY Ken Peterson

Fishing on the dock at the lodge, Canyon Laker Ken Petersen caught a largemouth bass using a plastic shad. He estimates the weight to be seven pounds. “The weight scale was on another dock and I didn’t want to jeopardize his survival by running to get it. I’m guessing it was around seven pounds,” said Ken.

As Ken was placing the bass back in the water, he had his pole hanging off the dock with the lure about two inches in the water when a catfish took the lure and he almost lost his pole. “He looked to be about eight pounds. I fought him for about 10 minutes before the line snapped,” said Ken. “I’ve never caught a catfish on a lure let alone a lure sitting stationary near the top of the water. It made for an entertaining morning.”