Letter: Guest List Problems


Editor, The Friday Flyer

On Wed Mar. 28, I invited 11 people for a barbecue; I handed in a typed list to POA on Tuesday to the desk clerk as instructed. On Wednesday, I received a call from one of my guests saying she was not on the list. I went to0 the POA and asked them to issue a pass for our guest.

When I got home, my wife said several of our guests could not enter as their names couldn’t be found. I again went to the POA with a new list. They said it would be in the system in a few minutes.

Again, when I got home I was told another guest was not allowed in. I went back to the POA. I saw the clerk I had given my list to on Tuesday and she said she had not copied my information, even though she had my POA card in her hand for several minutes. She thought that was a good excuse for not putting the guest list in. I was very upset.

My guests, who range from 77 to 86 years old, were told by the guard to pull over and call me and were left sitting in the hot sun for some time. The guard assumed they had cell phones and did not think to call me to say there was a problem.

So much for typing up a list and handing it in to the POA. I think the clerk should get a severe reprimand at least.

I had to drive to the POA office three times in less than 30 minutes because an incompetent clerk did not do her job and my guests in their 70s and 80s were left sitting in the hot sun for some time.

David Johnston