TCHS boys compete for the title of Mr. Titan


Temescal Canyon High School recently held its annual “Mr. Titan.” Fifteen students showed off their talents for a chance to win a trophy and the title of “Mr. Titan.” Each individual contestant had their own act they performed in front of judges and an audience to impress. The student with the most votes from the fans would win the “Fan-Favorite trophy,” while the judges pick “Mr. Titan.”

The acts of the students ranged from dancing to painting with an audience member. The contestants are handpicked by their teachers due to their display of school spirit and uniqueness as a student. Each contestant filled out a sheet about themselves and their accomplishments around school; the top 15 were chosen to compete in “Mr. Titan.” Each contestant must create an act to perform in front of the audience, which was evaluated by the judges.  Once the students figured out their act, they have about a month to practice and perfect it to swoon the judges and audience.

The event began with an opening dance from all 15 contenders, which was for pure entertainment and not the start of the competition among the guys. After the dance, each student introduced one at a time: Mason Dowell, Paolo Melendez, Alan Uong, Elias Jansen, Cooper Smith, Nathan Strong, Jason Wilkens, Hayden Rowe, Kyle Metoyer, Miles Smyth-Tynes, Fuga Obidi, Teague Anderson, Justin Parsons, Ryan Dowell and Kyle Basham.  After introductions, they showcased the act they’ve prepared a month for.

All the boys showed funny and entertaining acts, such as Miles Smyth-Tynes’s performance of a hilarious Bob Ross impression, Cooper Smith playing the bagpipes and Jason Wilkens performing about five different songs on the piano while the audience sang along to each one. Everyone showed great talent and courage by performing in front of a packed audience full of peers.

Once the performances were done, the rest of the show aimed at getting the audience to know the contestants through interviews and behind the scene videos.  Everyone received unique and silly questions to answer. For example, one question Miles was asked was, “What animal would you want to be if you could.” Once the questioning was over, it was time to vote for the fan favorite and for the judges to decide on who will be named “Mr. Titan.”

When the judges returned, all the boys lined up on stage facing the audience. The fans favorite was announced first, which turned out to be Hayden Rowe who performed a comedic dance to classic songs.  Finally, the winner of “Mr. Titan” was announced. After some anticipation and drum roll from the audience, Cooper Smith was revealed to be the winner of “Mr. Titan.” Afterward, everyone cheered and all the boys showed great sportsmanship toward one another.  Many of the boys were just happy to be a part of it, like Jason who said, “Just by being a part of this. I think that I already won.”


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