POA election ballots to include advisory votes


The POA is presenting two advisory votes to gauge the community’s interest in a proposed “all-inclusive assessment” and Community Patrol preferences. The advisory votes will be used as a survey to help gauge interest. They do not constitute a formal vote and are not binding on the board of directors. The measure constitutes a formal vote.

All-Inclusive Advisory Vote

The “all-inclusive” advisory vote is meant to gauge the community’s interest in a streamlined fee structure that would eliminate additional fees to all members for golf cart and vessel registration decals, lake, golf and facility use fees, POA sponsored instructional activities and an estimated $400 annual dining/bar credit at the POA restaurants.

The increase to current membership dues under this proposed structure is estimated to be $560 annually or $47 monthly.

Community Patrol Advisory Vote

The Community Patrol Advisory vote is meant to help understand the community’s number one priority when evaluating Community Patrol decisions. The members of the board of directors would like to see which of the following emphases members value most:

  1. Convenience (ease of access and relaxed gate policies)
  2. Cost savings (take significant cost-saving measures)
  3. High level of patrol (high level of Community Patrol services and strict control)


The Internal Revenue Service permits community associations to roll over unused membership assessment income to the following fiscal year, without paying tax on the excess income, if the members approve that action. The required Resolution is as follows:

Resolved, that any excess assessment income over the association expenses as defined in IRC section 277, this fiscal year 2018-2019 shall be applied against the association’s member assessment in the fiscal year 2018-2019, as provided by the IRS revenue ruling 70-604. For more information, refer to the notice included in the election packet.