‘On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross’


Mike Shroyer takes the picture as his wife Jeanne, son Ryan, Ryan’s wife Gemma, son Taylor, daughter Ashlynn, and friends Paige and Ashley pray around the cross they erected on Memorial Day 2012. Photo by Mike Shroyer.

In honor of Easter, The Friday Flyer is featuring the following article that appeared in the Apr. 3, 2015 edition, written by then Editor Sharon Rice.

Yet another cross was erected above the north ski area on Memorial Day 2012. This one was placed on a hill on the opposite shore, on land that doesn’t belong to BLM. The simple, 10-foot-tall symbol can be seen from the slalom course and by anyone driving westbound across the north causeway.

It was placed by the Mike Shroyer family and friends. Mike, known for his DJ work at Canyon Lake events and for being a “Volunteer of the Year,” doesn’t say specifically why his family decided to put up the cross.

Mike said, “There is a trail leading to the hilltop, most likely made from motorcycles. The only comments we have heard regarding the cross were made from a family’s home inside Canyon Lake on Vacation. They yelled out after we put it up, ‘Thank you for putting that cross there. We love it!’” Mike adds, “The cross is a symbol of God’s love, grace, and compassion for us. I know when I am driving around and see a cross on a hill, it brightens my day no matter what I may be going through at that moment.”

Another resident wrote under a cross photo The Friday Flyer posted on Facebook, “In this crazy world, we need to be reminded of who’s really in charge and the cross says it perfectly.”

And so, even though the subject of “religion” is off limits in many polite conversations, there aren’t many who openly object to the symbol of hope standing on hilltops. Caught up in the fun of eating chocolate, dying eggs and taking pictures with the Easter Bunny, some people like to be reminded that, of all holidays, this one has a deeper meaning.

“Easter is all about Jesus. Without him being crucified and rising on the third day, our faith would be meaningless . . . The cross is an anchor, it does not move, nor fade in distress,” said Mike. “It’s a reminder that Jesus Christ has promised us eternal life for whoever chooses to follow him. The cross gives us hope, it gives us love, it gives us life. This life is temporary but Heaven is for eternity.”