Three POA Board candidates announced


Two of the five seats on the POA Board of Directors are up for election on May 10 when the two-year terms of Paul Queen and Dale Welty expire.

The POA announced that Dale Welty, Dudley Thompson and Jim Barringham have turned in an Intent to Run packet and will be candidates for the 2018/2020 Board of Directors. Incumbent Dale Welty has been a Canyon Lake resident since 1988. Dudley has been a resident since 1999. Jim moved to Canyon Lake in 2009. Each candidate’s resume of qualifications and goals are posted on the Board Election page which can be found on the CLPOA’s website at

The Friday Flyer invited the three candidates to answer a series of questions, which will be featured in the weeks leading up to the election. During this time, residents will have a chance to hear from the candidates and read about the past experiences and qualifications of each candidate and what they hope to accomplish if elected to serve on the POA Board of Directors.

The following are important dates on the Annual Election Calendar:

Sunday, Mar. 11: Elections signs can be posted. POA election signs can only be placed in the community setback in the 60-day period prior to the election in accordance with the POA Election Sign Policy.

Monday, Mar. 19: Member of Record Date. Determines members entitled to meeting notice and eligibility to vote. (Corp. Code §7611)

Tuesday, Apr. 5: Notice of Annual Meeting, Candidate Statements and Secret Ballot will be mailed to Prime Members. Civil code requires they be sent out at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting of the Members.

Monday, May 4: Last day it’s recommended a homeowner mail a ballot.

Thursday, May 10: Annual Meeting of the Members and Election of Directors at the lodge at 8 a.m. Ballots may be dropped off between 8 and 9 a.m.

Saturday, May 12: Alternate Adjourned Annual Meeting Date (time to be determined) if quorum is not met on May 10.

The 2018 Inspector of Elections will be Nicole Ganz Jamal with HOA Elections of California, Inc. Ballot questions should be directed to HOA Elections of California, Inc. at 888-589-8683 or