Letter: Concert


Editor, The Friday Flyer

Let me start by saying that Pat Farrell put on a fantastic concert. I’d like to thank the Fine Arts Guild for all their hard work in putting on these wonderful concerts. That being said, if I were Pat Farrell I would never return to do a concert at this venue again. My wife and I were sitting towards the front of the general admission seats. All around us and behind us were multiple loud conversations. This went on throughout the entire concert. I asked people to keep it down or take it outside so that we could hear the concert…to no avail. I’m sure that these rude people could be heard on stage.

People, if you just want to party and listen to music come to the lounge on a night they have a band. But if you come to a concert, please show some courtesy to the entertainers and the audience around you. Do you not see the difference here? Entertainers have a pipeline with contacts to other entertainers. It would be a sad day if Canyon Lake developed a reputation for rude and unappreciative audiences. At the next concert, please announce to the audience keep quiet or take their conversations outside. It’s so sad that you have to tell adults how to behave in public.

Tim Kimble