CL security guard wins truck on TV game show


East gate security guard Sharon Snow no longer needs to ride her bicycle four miles to work – she recently won a brand new truck on the game show The Price is Right.

Some people spread joy wherever they are and make the world a better place to be. In Canyon Lake, there’s a person that makes the community a better place to be. She is east gate security guard Sharon Snow.

Sharon spreads joy wherever she is, whether it be in her home in Sun City, at the east gate greeting the residents of Canyon Lake, or on the top-rated game show The Price is Right.

Sharon was hired in 2000 as a security guard greeting residents and guests as they enter Canyon Lake. For the first six years, Sharon was placed at the main gate. In 2006, she began her duties at the east gate and has been there ever since.

Most Canyon Lake residents know Sharon Snow as “Snow” – a fitting name when one sees her beautiful platinum hair and reads her name badge.

Sharon is also known for her love for the pets of Canyon Lake. She estimates that in the past 18 years, she has purchased over 1,000 boxes of dog treats to share with Canyon Lake’s furry residents. She shares a special treat with each canine as they travel through the gate with their owners.

The four-mile ride from her home in Sun City to Canyon Lake has always been an issue for Sharon. The first years, her co-workers would give her rides; however, for the past several years, Sharon has been using her three-wheel bicycle to get to work. Equipped with one heavy duty flashlight strapped to the front of her bicycle and three heavy-duty flashlights strapped to the basket in the rear of the bicycle, Sharon turns on her portable radio which resides in the front basket and begins her dark, early morning ride to work. She reports that she is never afraid because “The Lord is always with me,” but others have expressed concern for her safety.

This past October, Sharon and her daughter Kristie Mills drove to CBS Television City in Hollywood to attend The Price is Right game show in hopes of getting on stage.

Sharon and Kristie arrived at the studio at 6:30 a.m. and took their place in line. At 10 a.m., they were ushered into the studio to take their seats wearing the colorful shirts that Kristie had created, which loudly stated, “All this could be yours if you pick me to come on down!”

A short time later, either the shirts or the fact that Sharon had told the producer a few minutes earlier that all she wanted to do is to “hug Drew” enabled Sharon to hear the words, “Sharon Snow, Come on down!”

As she reached “Contestant’s Row,” a trip to Sedona, Arizona, was placed up for bidding. When asked for her bid, Sharon replied, “What the heck, $1,000.” Moments later, the price of $1,436 was announced and Sharon was up on stage giving Drew Carey a big hug. Her wish was granted.

Within a few short minutes, Sharon found herself playing the game “Cover-up” for a possible win of a 2018 Nissan 4×4 King Cab and $5,000 cash. She chose the numbers and after a few moments settled on the amount of $23,954. Within seconds, Sharon heard the cheering of the audience as the correct amount was announced. Sharon had won the Nissan and the money.

But the excitement did not end there. When it came time to spin the Big Wheel, a score of 75 earned Sharon a place on the “Showcase.” It was during the spinning of the Big Wheel that Sharon had an opportunity to give a shout out to those who were closest to her. Without hesitation, Sharon shouted, “I wanna say hi to all my Canyon Lakers.”

Sharon’s attempt on the “Showcase” was not as successful. She passed on an electric car and barbeque grill. The next showcase was $8,000, a trip to Tahiti and designer luggage; however, Sharon’s bid of $27,000 was in excess of $265.

The next few minutes were filled with papers to sign and a promise to make. Sharon and Kristie had to agree that they would not tell anyone what happened on Big Money Week, Season 46 Episode 100 until it was aired four months later on February 19, 2018. Agreements were made and the waiting began.

Finally, this past month, Sharon was able to share her exciting news with her family, co-workers and Canyon Lake residents. It wasn’t long after the airing of the show that Facebook was ablaze with the news. Toni Skane began the excitement by sharing videos of Sharon on The Price is Right and posting the following message: “To all of our Canyon Lakers…. if you’re familiar with the east gate then you are familiar with Sharon. Check her out on the Price is Right today. Congratulations Sharon. No one more deserving! No more riding your bike to work, Sharon!”

Other Canyon Lake residents quickly followed with greetings of congratulations both on Facebook and as they would drive past Sharon as she performed her duties at the east gate. Pattom Engelhardt shared, “So excited for you…you deserve the good fortune…you always offer such a cheerful greeting when we come in your gate.” Bailey Potter agreed by saying, “Well deserved! I love seeing her smiling face when I come through the gates.”

At the present time, Sharon continues to commute to Canyon Lake using “Bubble Bee,” her well-loved and cared for yellow bicycle, but those trips will soon come to an end. She is expecting delivery of her Price is Right vehicle within the next few weeks.

Sharon’s appearance on TV game shows may just be starting as she and her daughter are considering a trip to the Let’s Make a Deal show in the next year. She has to wait 10 years to appear on The Price is Right again but she is hopeful. “I’ll be 80 years old but it would be fun to see a little old lady on the show.”

When asked about her main goal in life, she answers with assurance, “My purpose in life is to reflect my Lord and Savior’s love with joy in everything I do…..and it works!”


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