Letter: Giving Back


Editor, The Friday Flyer

As a proud community member of our “Bit of Paradise,” I would like to bring to light a few give backs happening at the golf course. I would like to thank the Tuesday Work Group that volunteers over 400 hours monthly. These men pour concrete, trim landscaping, paint, repair cart paths, build fencing and installed benches and now a new clock. They save our community tens of thousands of dollars annually. They have been volunteering since 1973.

The Past Presidents of the Men’s Golf Club (CLAPPS) holds an annual Beautification Tournament. The proceeds from this tournament over the past three years has resulted in new benches, new clock and bronze yardage markers totaling in excess of $30,000.

Lastly, through our Junior Golf programs and coaching, three Canyon Lakers have been awarded full-ride scholarships to major universities in the last three years.

Anne Norris