Hall family travels to Seattle, British Columbia


Two-year-old Leah Lawrence visits the Victoria Bug Zoo in Victoria, British Columbia. Photo provided by Lyne Hall.

Canyon Lake resident Lyne Hall and her two-year-old granddaughter Leah Lawrence traveled to Seattle earlier this month to visit Lyne’s children, Alise and Bronwyn. Alise and Bronwyn moved from Canyon Lake to Seattle last year.

The family traveled from Seattle to Victoria, British Columbia, for an overnight stay where they enjoyed a scenic cruise on the Victoria Clipper Ferry and visited the Victoria Bug Zoo, featuring exhibits about 50 species of insects, arachnids and Myriapoda, and Miniature World, one of the most popular tourist attractions in downtown Victoria. “Miniature World was truly informative and a delight for us all,” said Lyne.

Leah’s grandfather has given her the nickname of Travelocity Gnome due to how well traveled she is at the young age of two. “She’s already been to Mexico City, several towns in Baja, Seattle, San Francisco, Monterey, Pismo Beach, Vancouver and Victoria in Canada, London, Cambridge, Nottingham, Blackpool and Durham in England, Edinburgh in Scotland and Brussels in Belgium,” said Lyne. “I’ve photographed her with The Friday Flyer in most of those places. She has become a total pro and knows exactly what to do with the paper when I give it to and tell her ‘go stand over there.’”