Canyon Lake man arrested for sales of marijuana, theft of utilities


Anthony Zeidlik. Photo provided by Riverside Country Sheriff’s Department.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s, Special Investigation Bureau, discovered an illegal marijuana indoor grow operation, along with the equipment for a butane honey oil lab, at a home in Canyon Lake on Friday, Jan. 26, at approximately 2:30 p.m.

According to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, there also was evidence that the occupants were stealing electricity to operate the illegal marijuana grow. An estimate of about $60,000 theft of utilities occurred over a few months.

A total of 82 mature marijuana plants and 53 pounds of processed marijuana for sales were removed from the residence. Investigators also found seven ounces of honey oil cannabis.

As a result of the search warrant and investigation, resident Anthony Scott Zeidlik, 30, was arrested at his residence in the 29600 block of Bonanza Pl. He was booked for operating a clandestine lab, cultivation, sales of marijuana and theft of utilities. Jail records show that he was booked at the Cois M. Byrd Detention Center. Bail was set at $60,000.

According to Lieutenant Paul Bennett of the Riverside Sheriff’s Department, Zeidlik admitted to investigators that he grew the marijuana for the purpose of sales for his mobile dispensary. He denied operating an extraction lab at the house, but all the necessary components and equipment were located on site for a BHO Lab, a highly flammable and dangerous process of removing THC from the marijuana.