Women’s Golf Club wraps up year with travel golf club


Canyon Lake Women’s Golf Club finished another year with San Bernardino and Riverside Travel Golf Club. Canyon Lake won A Division with 477 points against Colony Golf Club’s 286 points, North Course Golf Club’s 430 points and Seven Hill Country Club’s 221 points.

At the Christmas Tournament at Seven Hills Country Club, three Canyon Lake ladies were awarded prizes for having the most points in Canyon Lake’s division: Anita Fairfield came in first place with a total of 46 points; Darlene Cortez placed second place with 40 points; Ina Pickard nabbed third place with 36 points.

The game was Two Best Balls of the Foursome. Four Canyon Lake women were on four of the winning teams: A Flight 1st place, Anita Fairfield’s team; B Flight 2nd place Low Net, Darlene Cortez’s team; C Flight 4th place Low Net, Ura Furry’s team; D Flight 5th place Low Net, Linda Helmer’s team.

Three Women’s Golf Club members were installed as the following officers for 2018: Ura Furry, president; Darlene Cortez, vice president; Marlene Cathro, secretary. Joanna Spiller was announced as Ura’s parliamentarian. The new 2018 representative is Darlene Cortez. The Women’s Club will sponsor a tournament in Canyon Lake on Feb. 22.

“I look forward to a great year of golf with all of you who have signed up again. If you haven’t signed up you can join anytime during the year for $15.00, you must have an established index of 40.4. All members must play to no more than a 40 handicap,” said President Ura Furry.” Remember, we are playing golf to meet new ladies and have fun. Thanks for a good year.”