Letter: Canyon Lake Market


Editor, Friday Flyer

Who said honest people don’t exist anymore? About a week ago, I lost $250 in large bills out of my wallet. I looked all over for it. I went through my pockets and looked everywhere. I couldn’t find it. About a week later, I went to the Canyon Lake Market to buy something and the young clerk walked up and handed me my lost money. He said he had been waiting for me. Someone turned it in and he went through the cameras and saw where it fell out of my wallet. I tried to give him back part of it for a reward but he wouldn’t take it. He said, “You’re like my family.” I’m still in shock about the honesty. I have been a Canyon Lake resident since 1983 and I’m very grateful. These guys are truly a class act and I want to make sure people know about them.

Rick Hupe