Fishing license required to fish in Canyon Lake


Fishing is a favorite pastime in Canyon Lake. With more than 300 miles of water surface, you can be sure to find a favorite spot to catch “the big one.” Pictured is resident Janet Stephens, an avid fisher who runs the Canyon Lake Bass Babes Facebook page. Photo provided by Janet Stephens.

All California State fishing regulations apply when fishing in Canyon Lake. Everyone over the age of 16 must have a California State Fishing License. Licenses and permits must be visible at all times; members are required to have their POA ID card in their possession. The Canyon Lake Police Department and California State Game Warden may confiscate fishing gear for violation of California State fishing laws.

Guests fishing in Canyon Lake must either be in the presence of a resident with a POA card or purchase a guest fishing permit. Permits can be purchased at the POA office at a cost of $5 per day or $20 for ten days. Before a permit is issued, the Prime Member of Associate Member and guest must present themselves and proper licenses along with a valid guest pass, if applicable. The number of fishing poles per person shall not exceed the number licensed for on California Fishing License. Only one pole per guest is allowed.

Fishing is not permitted by land on the main causeway and over the tunnel.

Guests in fishing flotation tubes must be within 100 feet of the member’s flotation tube with whom they’re fishing. The following are fishing tube requirements outlined in the POA’s Rules and Regulations:

Four 2-inch by 4-inch strips of reflective material spaced evenly on the outside of the tube.

One whistle, between the hours of almanac sundown and sunrise.

One flashlight, between the hours of almanac sundown and sunrise.

Whistle and flashlight shall be in possession of the fisherman.

One approved lifejacket.

A complete list of fishing rules and violation fines can be found on the POA website at