What residents need to know about access changes


Changes to the permanent guest list, guest call-in service and parking regulations for service providers took effect on Monday.

The changes require residents to identify their visitors as either a guest or service provider. Service providers will be issued a colored pass and are prohibited from parking in the lots of POA parks, beaches and amenities. Those in violation will be subject to a fine. Prior to the changes, all visitors were identified as a guest and issued the same white guest pass.

To better control guest access, the POA also removed all guests from members’ permanent guest lists to better control guest access. Prime and Associate members who wish to maintain their permanent guest list are required to submit a new permanent guest list form and identify each visitor as a guest or service provider. Members are also required to select the specific days of the week in which community access will be valid for their guests. Only six permanent guests may be associated with a single tract-lot number at any given time. The permanent guest list forms are available at the POA office and on the POA website at canyonlakepoa.com.

As stated in the Rules and Regulations book, Prime Members are responsible for the actions of their guests and for any charges, fines, or other liabilities incurred by them.