Country club hosts family-friendly PJ Party


Canyon Lakers dined, danced and played games in their pajamas on Friday evening at the country club’s family-friendly Pajama Party.

Local entertainer and DJ Aprile DeAnne provided the music and hosted a variety of games that included trivia and Pictionary.

The country club offered a special menu that included classic home comfort dishes and drink specials.

The team of Hugh Wagoner, Harry Larson, Clive Taylor and John Basse won the Trivia Contest. Team Jaws won the Pictionary Contest.

The Pajama Contest winners are as follows:

  • Best Family: Acosta family
  • Best Couple: Hugh Wagoner and Rita Crocker
  • Most Outrageous: Scott Ellis
  • Most Cozy: Pam Kruger
  • Best Oldest: Harry Larson

    Photo by Donna Ritchie

    Photo by Donna Ritchie

    Photo by Donna Ritchie

Best Oldest winner: Harry Larson. Photo by Donna Ritchie