Community Patrol provides stats for month of December


Community safety and security are a high priority for the POA. The POA contracts with U.S Security Associates to provide Community Patrol and Marine Patrol services to assist with non-emergency incidents that pertain to the POA’s Rules and Regulations. The City of Canyon Lake contracts with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department for police services.

The POA, City of Canyon Lake and  Riverside Sheriff’s Department all work closely to provide the residents of Canyon Lake with a safe community.

Community Patrol’s responsibilities include Community Patrol and Marine Patrol, gate access control and enforcement of POA Rules and Regulations.

Community Patrol

The Community Patrol report for December is presented by Account Manager Michael Erikson.

Community Patrol logged 16,444 miles. Officers issued 109 citations and 22 warnings.

One speed enforcement, 64 parking, one identification for access control, four disturbance and five stop sign violations were issued. Three golf cart citations were issued for speed/stop sign and two failure to stop for a school bus citations were issued. Seven animal-related citations were issued.

There were five motor vehicle accidents with one being a fatality. There were five gate arm strikes at the north gate and one at the east gate. There were four property damage incidents.

Marine Patrol

The Marine Patrol report for December is presented by Marine Patrol Captain Steve Haney.

There were 396 calls for service in December. Marine Patrol performed 7.75 escorted hours, three boat tows, 23 three boat inspections and six quagga inspections. No citations or warnings were issued.

Marine Patrol is monitoring areas of the lake that are becoming shallow with the absence of rain. A prop on one of the Marine Patrol boats was damaged when it passed through an area that was three to four feet deep.

Community Patrol is located at Bluebird Hall, 23066 Canyon Lake Dr. South. Marine Patrol is located at Happy Camp.