Van Dykes cook up New Year’s Eve treat for local church group


New Year’s Eve was celebrated by the participants in Canyon Lake Community Church’s Celebrate Recovery group in proper “Dutch Fashion.” For the second year in a row, Pastor Pete and his wife Pat prepared oliebollen for the group. Oliebollen is a New Year’s Eve traditional Dutch pastry similar to a doughnut.

This year, Brandon and Sadie Contreras were part of “Team Oliebollen.” They helped Pastor Pete and Pat cook up 300 oliebollen.

Since Pastor Pete and Pat’s arrival in Canyon Lake 41 years ago, they have prepared this Dutch treat for church members on New Year’s Eve on a regular basis.

The history of the oliebollen goes back to the time of the Germanic tribes in The Netherlands, when these tribes were eating the treat during Yule, the period between Dec. 26 and Jan. 6. The first oliebollen recipe appeared in a cookbook from 1667.