Canyon Lake man faces attempted murder, arson charges – again


For the second time in less than nine months, the same Canyon Lake resident was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. On Jan. 3, David Brian Harry, 45, after a police pursuit that took officers from Canyon Lake to Orange County, was arrested for Attempted Murder, Arson and Committing a Felony while out on Bail.

David’s neighbor, Barbie Rodriquez, alleges that he rammed his truck against the side of her home then broke her window with a wooden stake and threw a lit road flare inside, igniting the curtains and carpet. She was able to put the fire out and retrieve the flare and throw it outside before further damage could occur.

When she went outside to confront David, she said he shouted expletives and made vulgar comments about her. At the same time, she said he ignited another road flare and set her wooden fence on fire. Barbie said she was able to douse the flames with a garden hose, preventing the house from catching on fire. A portion of the fence was permanently damaged.

2017 booking photo

2018 booking photo

David fled in his pick-up truck when Barbie called 911.

According to reporting officer Sergeant Curt Harris, officers caught up with the suspect but he refused to pull over. He was pursued by deputies from Canyon Lake to Lake Elsinore, and then into the city of Corona.

California Highway Patrol officers assumed control of the pursuit and successfully disabled the suspect’s truck tires on Interstate 15. However, he continued to evade officers and led them on a slow speed pursuit on the 91 freeway towards Orange County.

The chase eventually left the freeway near Featherly Park in Yorba Linda and came to rest near the intercounty bike trail. “Harry refused officers commands to surrender, but he was eventually placed under arrest after a brief struggle from resisting their attempts to detain him,” said Sergeant Harris.

Canyon Lake Police Department officers took custody of the suspect and transported him to the Sheriff Department’s Perris Station for further investigation. He was booked at the Cois Byrd Detention Center in Murrieta for Attempted Murder, Arson and Committing a Felony while out on Bail.

Bail was denied since he had committed virtually the same criminal act in April 2017 and had attempted to burn down the same residence at that time. Barbie moved into the home on June 1 and was not the victim in the April 2017 incident.

In April 2017, David was arrested for Attempted Murder, Arson, Attempted Arson and Felony Vandalism. He pleaded not guilty. Detectives seized several firearms and a cache of ammunition from his residence on Yosemite Place. Firearms registered to the suspect also were seized at an address in the city of Placentia. His bail was set at $1 million. He was released from custody in June when he posted bond.

Barbie attended David’s bail hearing on Tuesday. Bail was denied. Barbie said the judge granted her a restraining order.

Barbie said David started harassing and staking her the week before Thanksgiving. “I have hundreds of pictures and video of his behavior and what he has done to my property.” The harassment ranges from expletives spray-painted on her driveway to a pentagram drawn on her front porch.

Barbie suspects that David is the one who poured gasoline on her driveway and lit a pile of firewood on the side of her house on Dec. 3. “I wasn’t home at the time. Luckily, a neighbor spotted the fire and put it out,” said Barbie.

Barbie is relieved the suspect was denied bail and said there haven’t been any incidents at her home since his arrest.

“I feel more at ease with him in jail but I’m still going to be cautious,” she said.