Letter: Theft


Editor, The Friday Flyer

On Friday, Dec. 7, I had a garage sale (Lassen Dr). Having recently lost my husband, I needed to scale back and let go of many items that were not only my memories but had value. I did not even get a fair market value for many of the goods as it was too painful to haggle. But if that wasn’t bad enough, someone had the deceit of stealing items that were new, boxed and accidentally put out where I could not readily keep my eye on them.

Among those items were pocket drones that were basically new and boxed. I collect them and wasn’t sure I was going to sell them.

I was so frustrated and upset that I had my daughter end the sale and take down the signs. I am an extremely honest person and naturally expect others to be like-minded.

I just want to put it out there to whoever stole and now has, among other things, pocket and micro drones, I know what you did and you know who you are and one day you will have to be accountable for stealing.

I know that I am not alone as many other residents have had to deal with losses due to theft, and for that, I am sorry, especially during this time of the year when we should all be focused on giving instead of taking.

Cheryl Hardesty