Letters: Parade of Lights


Editor, The Friday Flyer

The Yacht Club has put another Parade of Lights in the books. Unfortunately the turnout was a bit on the low side. We are already working on ideas to increase turnout next year. There are countless volunteer hours that go into this and many thanks owed.

Thank you to the POA for the donation and providing cookies, hot cocoa and coffee at Holiday Harbor Park. Thank you to Carl and Nancy Duplan for letting us use their house to judge the parade. Thank you to Pete and Suzie Delia for letting us use your home and boat for the “Green Dragon.” Thanks to all the clubs that donated money to help make this parade possible.

Thank you to all Yacht Club members who donated your time to help make this event possible. Special thanks to Vice Commodore Jim Lange for helping me as co-chairperson for this event. This is the Yacht Club’s biggest event of the year and a major task to take on.

Finally, I would like to thank all the participants who put countless hours in decorating their boats. Without you this parade would not be possible.

I hope the community enjoyed it. It sure looked like it with all the parties going on. The Yacht Club will try as hard as we can to make this event better in the years to come.

Dave Dain

Yacht Club Commodore