POA Board of Directors approve purchase of radar units, speed trailer


The new RU2 radar mobile speed trailer will be used to help bring attention to speed control throughout the community and assist Community Patrol with issuing tickets for speeders in multiple locations. Photo by Donna Ritchie

The POA Board of Directors Regular Session Board Meeting was held on Tuesday, Dec. 5. Here is a recap of the meeting.

The POA Board of Directors unanimously approved the purchase of four dash mounted radar units for four Community Patrol vehicles at a cost of $6391.85.

The Board of Directors approved to ratify $17,043.60 from Capital Improvement Funds for the purchase of speed trailer, sales tax and DMV registration.

The RU2 radar mobile speed trailer will be used to help bring attention to speed control throughout the community and assist Community Patrol with issuing tickets for speeders in multiple locations. Eventually, the speed trailer will track speeders and take photos of vehicles. Speeders will be issued citations by mail.

POA General Manager Eric Kazakoff announced that the POA will be installing new footing at the equestrian center arena. He also announced that the lodge was recently painted and pressured washed, the lettering, lighting and water on the front gate monuments should be completed this weekend and that work has begun at improving East Port Park, including installing a new walkway leading from the lower level to the upper level. He informed the community about the Happy Camp Renovation Project and said that it has been put out to bid and that there has been a big response. If a construction contract and a bid is approved at the next board meeting then the project can begin in January with a Memorial Day completion date, he said.

Director Dale Welty announced that the Dredge Committee had its first meeting and that they are going to start moving ahead and start communicating with the professionals in the area and EVMWD.

“We’re going to bring them into the communication on how to dredge the lake,” said Dale. “I just want to warn you that it’s not going to be a cheap process and it’s not going to be convenient.” The committee will be putting together some presentations about what the problem is soon. As far as when the solution happens, Dale said, “If we even started getting something dredged in two years I’d be surprised. But you always have to start somewhere.”

Dale also announced that a redesign of the lodge parking lot is in the works, which will add more parking spaces.

The Board of Directors ratified reserve funding in the amount of $60,124 to GMU for additional analysis and testing cost for the Road Project Litigation.

Michael Erickson was introduced as the new Account Manager for U.S Security, Canyon Lake’s new Community Patrol. He is replacing Jack Blanco. Kimberly Burnett was introduced as the new Business Development Manager.

A large number of golfers attended the meeting to voice their concerns over the 33 percent increase in annual golf fees. The Board said they are willing to work with the golfers to try to find a better solution.

It was announced that over 55,000 people used the pool from March 2017 to November 2017 and that new pool furniture is going to be ordered.

Activities is working with Operations on the Bench Program for parks and beaches. In November, staff visited a few parks with Operations and is now working on a notebook for bench selection.

New rules for the pickleball courts have been approved and posted at the courts.

Reseeding has started at Gault Field as well as maintenance to the overall amenity.

The association now has four tennis pros.

New landscaping is being looked at for the planters alongside the main gate side of the senior center.

POA staff is working with CivicPlus on the POA’s new website which is scheduled to launch in 2018.

Bruce Larsen was appointed a member of the Appeals Committee, Charles Bryant was appointed as an alternate member.

Eddie Valdez and Marga Kidd were appointed as members of the Rules and Regulations Committee.

Volunteers are being sought to fill three vacant seats on the Fiesta Day Committee.