Canyon Lake benefits from work of local Eagle Scout


The new flagpole at Happy Camp was made possible by 14-year-old Canyon Lake Eagle Scout Jake Hosking, who raised the money through recycling and donations. Jake dedicated the flagpole to all Canyon Lake Eagle Scouts and beloved Den Leader Mark Heider who passed away two years ago. A compass rose sits on top of the flagpole base to encourage other Canyon Lake youths to chart their own compass courses for discovery. Photo provided by Susan Thomas

A new flagpole with an eagle balanced on top and a solar light with a custom stone base has been installed in at Happy Camp. The new addition to the community was made possible by 14-year-old Canyon Lake Eagle Scout Jake Hosking from Troop 444.

Jake, who has been busy raising money through recycling for the past few years, paid for the flagpole project with his own earnings and donations. The flagpole is dedicated to all past, present and future Eagle Scouts in Canyon Lake and Den Leader Mark Heider to thank them for their service to the community.

Jake began in the local Canyon Lake Cub Scout Pack 346 as a first grade Tiger and rose among the ranks, graduating to Boy Scout Troop 444 in Menifee. Mark Heider, an Eagle Scout himself, was a very dedicated and beloved den leader who positively impacted the Cub Scouts for almost a decade. When Mark passed away a few years ago, Jake knew he wanted to include him in honoring Eagle Scouts in Canyon Lake.

Photo provided by Susan Thomas

“Mark always kept the ‘fun’ in scouting and was known for his exciting Compass Courses for the boys starting at Happy Camp and culminating on the island by digging up ‘found’ buried treasures,” said Jake. There is a compass rose on top of the flagpole base to encourage other Canyon Lake youths to chart their own compass courses for discovery.

Jake said many people have been instrumental in the completion of his project. Initial approval was through his Scout Master Rob Natzic of Troop 444, a board of review and a District Scout Leader. Once approved by the BSA, Jake began speaking to administrators at the POA. POA Director of Operations Steve Schneider met with Jake and gave the green light to his plan. He helped facilitate the removal of the old flagpole and, with the help of his Operations team, dug the deep hole where the new flagpole was installed.

Menifee Valley Awards extended a discount on the granite plaque placed at the base of the flagpole. Jon’s Flags & Poles Inc. in Riverside also offered a discounted price on the flag, flagpole and accessories. RCP Block and Brick in Murrieta graciously donated the stone and concrete block materials for the base. Jake, his brother Ryan, an Eagle Scout in Troop 444, his grandfather from Washington and his uncle and parents were the work team he coordinated to complete the project. Jake is deeply grateful for all who have helped him with the project.

A Flag Raising  Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony, Compass Course and retiring of the flags performed by Jake Hosking and Troop 444, currently lead by Scout Master Tim Hoos, will be held on Dec. 3, at 3 p.m. at Happy Camp. Residents, friends of Mark Heider and all past, present and future Eagle Scouts are invited to attend.

A Campership Scholarship fund was created in Mark Heider’s name to benefit the Cub Scouts of Pack 346, and donations continue to be made for this purpose. Jake Hosking has donated $100 of his own money to the fund as he finishes his Eagle Scout Project. To make a donation, contact Susan Thomas at

Cub Scout Pack 346 Arrow of Light Scouts are also running a recycling campaign for small electronic devices, such as cell phones, tablets, iPods and printer cartridges, which will be collected at the Dec. 3 event at Happy Camp.