Community service is important for teens to do


Community Service is an important part of society that allows people to volunteer and help out their community. The work may include picking up trash, painting a school, or even helping the local animal shelter. The importance of community service isn’t just about helping out the community, but it allows for students to gain life skills and to become helpful adults.

In high school, one must have a specific amount of community service to graduate. At first, it may sound hard and too much work, but it is there to help teens learn that they can be helpful and compassionate members of society even when nothing is gained.

At Temescal Canyon High School, they want to make sure all students gain their hours. So the Interact Club was inputted to help out the students in achieving them. The club aims at working with Lake Elsinore by contacting local cleanups, schools and such to offer assistance and informing students of any other community service opportunities. Most high schoolers gain their hours through the club, having many events to volunteer for, such as the fall festivals at the elementary schools Earl Warren and Ronald Reagan or clean-ups around Lake Elsinore.

The Interact club participated in cleaning up the side of Lake Elsinore’s lake, working from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. The volunteers were given gloves and bags to pick up trash within a five to seven-mile radius. There were more than 25 volunteers sweeping the area, making sure to get everything. It was exhausting work, and they only get hours for the work, but they were fine with it. It was something they did in good heart. Seeing the trash all around made them realize that if they didn’t do anything to help, it all would’ve stayed there.

Recently Withrow Elementary school was looking for people to help fix up and revamp the school. They accepted the help of Temescal Canyon and allowed volunteer leaders to create their own art design, trusting the volunteer leaders would make a nice and pleasing mural for the school. The designs were nice and simple, obviously made with compassion by the volunteers. They helped paint the murals and fix the school’s garden to make it look much better, though as of now it still has to be finished. Just with what the volunteers have completed, the murals and garden already make the elementary kids and teachers excited about the finished product.

Colleges also look for students who have participated in volunteering within their community. It is important to them to see that someone would go out of their way and do extra even after they meet their requirements to pass high school. Volunteering shows character in someone, which is why it is an important thing for students who want to get into college to do.

Community Service is to help students find that happiness in the accomplishment that isn’t just gained from a trophy or reward, but could come in a smile or with simple words. It is important for society’s youth to learn how to help without someone asking for it, to accept just a “thank you,” and to just do things out of kindness for someone or for people who need it. It is what makes a healthy and selfless participating member of society.


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