CLPOA approves new rules for basketball courts


In an effort to establish rules for Association amenities the Rules and Regulations Committee has recommended that the following rules be adopted for the basketball courts.

The Board of Directors approved the rules at the Regular Session Meeting on Nov. 7. Failure to comply with any of these rules as set forth herein may result in applicable fine(s).

For additional information, refer to the Schedule of Fines.

Section 1 – Introduction

The basketball courts are located at East Port Park and have two full-size courts. The basketball courts area includes:

Lighted Courts/Parking


Grassy Areas

Shaded Areas For additional information about the Basketball Courts, go to the CLPOA web site.

Section II – Basketball Courts Rules

Basketball courts rules have been established for the safety and consideration of members, member’s family, guests and/or invitees. These rules are to be adhered to by all.

BC.2.1 Hours

Courts hours 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day.

BC.2.2 Non-Marking Shoes Required

Non-marking athletic shoes must be worn on the basketball courts at all times ($50.00).

BC.2.3 No Loitering

Loitering is prohibited on the basketball courts.

Only basketball players and/or maintenance personnel are allowed on the basketball courts or parking lot adjacent ($100).

BC.2.4 No Profanity

No foul language allowed within 25-feet of the basketball courts/perimeter fencing. (50).

BC.2.5 No Bicycles

Bicycles are not permitted on the basketball courts ($50).

BC.2.6 No Skateboards

No skateboard riding allowed on the basketball courts ($50).

BC.2.7 No Scooters

No scooters are permitted on the basketball courts ($50).

BC.2.8 No Rollerblades

No rollerblades allowed on the basketball courts ($50).

BC.2.9 No Pets

No pets are permitted on the basketball courts at any time ($100).

Section III – Basketball Courts Policy for Usage

Policy has been established for use of the basketball courts facility as a courtesy and mutual benefit to all players.

BC.3.1 Practice by A Single Player

A single player practicing is limited to 30 minutes when other players are waiting.

BC.3.2 Play

Team play is limited to 60 minutes when other players are waiting. Half-court play is advised during high usage times. Exception: league play and/or tournaments.

BC.3.3 CLPOA is not Responsible for Medical Expenses, Injuries or Accidents

Responsibility for medical expense as a result of injury rests with the individual involved. Emergency personnel and Community Patrol are to be notified when a serious injury occurs.

BC.3.4 Long Term Scheduling

Long term scheduling for use by leagues must be submitted in writing to the Activities Department.

BC.3.5 Organized Youth/Adult Leagues using Basketball Courts Exclusively

Organized youth/adult leagues using the basketball courts exclusively for all their games must have a minimum 60 percent of Canyon Lake resident players. All players who are members must be members in good standing with the CLPOA. League play is restricted to teams that have provided a roster or list of all participants reflecting name and address (tract and lot for residents) in advance of the game.