CL couple celebrate 70 years of marriage


Bob and Lu Cooper, pictured on their wedding day, married in Los Angeles at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in 1947. The couple recently celebrated their 70th anniversary. Photo provided by Michael Ahlgrim

Bob and Lu Cooper celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on Oct. 25. The couple married in Los Angeles at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in 1947. After morning mass, they went to the bride’s parent’s home with a few friends and family members and had a homemade breakfast of bacon and eggs. Lu said this was quite a treat at that time. She wore a green suit and had a small bouquet. Simple and sweet, that was the beginning of this 70-year love story.

If you were to ask either of them, “What is it that makes a marriage last this long?” they would proudly answer, their faith and having God as their anchor.

Lu and Bob raised three children: Tom, Denise and Karen. They moved to Canyon Lake three years ago to be close to Karen and her husband Mike and their grandchildren. It was a tough move leaving their Burbank home of 58 years. They have been blessed with many family celebrations, family vacations and lifelong friendships that are very dear to them.

A day of surprises was planned to celebrate their 70th anniversary, starting with a trip back to Burbank to their home church parish to receive a special marriage blessing and vow renewal followed by a surprise party with family and many friends.

The couple is enjoying life in Canyon Lake. Bob said it’s hard to get used to how quiet it is. He’s used to the city with planes, trains, traffic and noise. He loves the activity. Lu enjoys her home, gardening and taking morning walks. One of their favorite things to do is take sunset cruises on Mike and Karen’s pontoon boat where they enjoy a glass of wine and the beauty of the new place that is now home to them.