Wakeboard Club ends season with tournament


A beautiful warm fall day greeted the riders for the final Wakeboard Tournament of the year. The Santa Ana condition predicted for the weekend never materialized and left Canyon Lake back water buttery smooth. Tim Walters from Tilly’s Marine handled most of the driving duties with an Axis A20 and a MB Sports F-21 Tomcat. Taylor Fredrickson finished off the day behind the wheel in a Nautique G21.

The Jr. Novices were the first class of the day. The five-rider shootout was close and tough to judge. Gunnar Dahl was first off the dock and had some impressive jump and grab combinations. Luke Dali and Jeremiah Lytle both put in smooth crash free runs. Brody Byrne jumped wake to wake but had a tough time landing them. Jovina Vogel was the final rider and only girl competing in the class. She put in a solid run with some great jumps. Jeremiah ended the day in fifth place. Brody’s two crashes relegated him to fourth. The battle for second and third between Jovina and Luke was close and decided by the height of their jumps. Jovina’s jump proved to be a bit higher, giving her second followed by Luke in third. The top spot on the podium went to Gunnar. On a special note, in practice Gunnar landed is first wrapped 360 in the air.

Randy Lewis was the only rider competing in the Novice class. Randy never disappoints and always puts in a great run with huge jumps and grab combinations.

The Boys/Girls class hit the water next. Ethan Mitchell rode first, in only his second tournament he is still getting his feet wet. Hudson Haynie was up next, and once again, is amazing to watch. He shows no fear as he charges into the wakes that are almost as tall as he is. Jack Culp was the final rider in the class and put in a smooth run that featured a Switch Half-Cab. Ethan finished the day in third, Jack took second and Hudson took the top spot on the podium in first.

Lexi Gonzales was the only one competing in the Women’s class. Despite being the only one in the class Lexi did not disappoint. She had a fantastic run with a variety of jump and grab combinations. She ended the day with a picture-perfect Back Roll.

Craig Brown and Jason Vogel competed in the Men’s Masters division. Craig put on great run that ended his first attempt at wake to wake 360. Craig just missed the handle pass and crashed. Jason’s run started off with an early crash, but ended strong with a variety of wake to wake tricks. Jason ended his run with an attempt at a Back Roll but came up short. Jason and Craig finished first and second respectively.

Sawyer Clarke, Mason and Wyatt Brown were the trio of Minis competing and were a fan favorite. All the parents were on the boat encouraging trick after trick. It was fun to watch.

Next up was a trio of wakeskaters. Craig Brown took first with several surface 360s. Dave Clarke finished in second, he also attempted a surface 360 but did not quite make it. Tyler Clarke finished third after several unsuccessful attempts at a Half-Cab.

The Vets were the second to last class of the day. Geoff Culp was first and had super smooth run, that put the pressure on the other riders. Dave Clarke rode well but had a fall at the end of his run. Jeff Frew wasted no time and immediately through a Back Roll on his first trick that set the tone for the rest of his run. Jeff Frew finished first followed by Geoff Culp in second and Dave in third.

The final class of the day was a combined Expert/Open class with a $100 winner take all prize. It is impossible to describe how good these guys with words. Tyler Clarke rode first with quite a display of tricks. Tyler attempted a Double Back Roll off the Double-up but came up short. Tim Waters also put on quite the display with a variety and spin and rolls. Tim was the only rider to land his Double-up. Robbie Culp was the third and final rider of the day. Robbie seems to have an endless bag of tricks and is incredible to watch. Robbie was the big winner of the day and took home the $100 cash prize. Tim and Tyler finished second and third respectively.

Warm weather and fantastic riding, what a way to finish off the Canyon Lake Wakeboard Club’s season. Keep an eye on their website, canyonlakewake.com, for the 2018 event calendar.

Tournament results are as follows:

Minis: 1st: Sawyer Clark; 2nd: Mason Brown;  3rd: Wyatt Brown

Jr. Novice: 1st: Gunnar Dahl; 2nd: Jovina Vogel; 3rd: Luke Dali; 4th: Brody Byrne; 5th: Jerimiah Lytle

Novice: 1st: Randy Lewis

Boys/Girls: 1st: Hudson Haynie; 2nd: Jack Culp; 3rd: Ethan Mitchell

Women: 1st: Lexi Gonzales

Masters: 1st: Jason Vogel; 2nd: Craig Brown

Vets: 1st: Jeff Frew; 2nd: Geoff Culp; 3rd: Dave Clarke

Wakeskating: 1st: Craig Brown: 2nd: Dave Clarke; 3rd: Tyler Clarke

Expert/Open: 1st: Robbie Culp; 2nd: Tim Walters; 3rd: Tyler Clarke


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