Letters: POA Branding Initiative


Editor, The Friday Flyer

The recently published CLPOA “Branding Initiative” goals are: “To create a defined identity and brand for the Canyon Lake POA; one that reflects its commitment to servicing its members, to unify sub-brands under a strong master brand, to raise the profile of the CLPOA and to stay relevant over the CLPOA’s ongoing evolution.”

Their solution to achieve these ambiguous goals is a “lighthouse”; not a real functional working lighthouse, but a phony lighthouse. While I admire the appearance of the new logo on paper because it is well designed and graphically looks very nice, I do not understand or appreciate how that symbol achieves any of the stated goals. A nicely designed logo on letterhead and envelopes is one thing, but it is quite another thing to erect two fake little lighthouses at our main entry. What exactly is the message conveyed to everyone entering the community? Beware rocky shoals ahead, enter at your own risk.

Real lighthouses were designed to be very important navigational aids to sea-going vessels and critical in coastal waters to warn of potential dangers to ships and sailors. It is fair to say that lighthouses probably have saved many lives by providing those dire warnings.

Although, lighthouses are a very iconic and romantic symbol to both seafarers and land lubbers alike. I find it a stretch to associate that iconic symbol with our inland community some 50-60 miles from the nearest sea. Yes, we now have a non-functional, miniature version of an actual lighthouse in the lake near the lodge. Why is beyond me, but we do. At least the existing one is in a body of water, not landlocked by the main gate entry.

Additionally, I think that the CLPOA should come up with a different design for the main gate entry sign that honestly reflects the CLPOA’s commitment to serving its members.

Gary Murphy