Women’s Golf announces Electric Tournament winners


The Canyon Lake Women’s Golf Club held its annual Member/Member Eclectic Tournament Sept. 12, 14 and 19. The theme, “Going for the Green,” remind players that if they hit the green with the fewest shots they may end up going home with green in their pockets as winners of the prize money. Lunch and awards followed the last day of play.

The winners are as follows:

A Flight

1st place Gross: Gerry Meeks and   Marilyn Bridges.

2nd place Gross: Mary Burns and Babette Stubbs.

1st place Net: Darlene Cortez and Anita Fairfield.

2nd place Net: Sue Sell and Norma Yarbrough.

3rd place Net: Jeannette Williams and Marlene Cathro.

B Flight

1st place Gross: Ina Pickard and Mimi La Rosa.

2nd place Gross: Kathy Homewood and Kathy Voss.

1st place Net: K K Beecher and Linda Helmer.

2nd place Net: Betty Henry and Phyllis Weed

3rd place Net: Lila Gann and Rita Wacker.