Letter: Thank you


Editor, The Friday Flyer

We would like to thank everyone who helped us look for our dog Figgy two weeks ago. Thank you to those who searched, shared posts and gave advice on where to look and what to do. What a great bunch of people, friends and complete strangers. Thank you also for the flowers, cards and treats you sent, it sure meant a lot. We also would like to take
this time to remind everyone that we live with wildlife and the coyotes are closer than you think. We do not live on the golf course or near the open BLM land. Our Neighbor also lost his beloved dog two weeks before we lost ours. He saw the Coyote take him from his yard in broad daylight. The golf course grounds crewman that identified our buddy said it was the third dog found in two weeks. Coyotes are brazen animals and
can jump walls. Please watch your furbabies. We wished for a happier outcome and will forever miss our boy. Thank you all.

Dan, Sandee and Jimmy Kelley
Figgy’s family