Letter: Mermaid Festival


My thanks to the community for the great attendance we had at the Canyon Lake Woman’s Club Mermaid Festival on Saturday at Indian Beach. We had more entries for the Cardboard Boat Race, stage competitions and more attendance overall, which resulted in more profits for our club. The CLWC is a philanthropic organization that has been in existence since 1972.

The club gives out monies it raises to various charities and scholarships in June of every year. Last year we gave out over $30,000 in addition to the purchase of a bench and two trees for the community.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the hard working members of the club and their families and our sponsors. It takes a village to put on such an event and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of the other clubs. The Canyon Lake Yacht Club has been with us from the beginning, providing the popular Pirate Boat Battle.

My thanks to past Commodore Bob Templeton and current Commodore Dave Dane for being such good sports. The Family Matters Club joined us last year and took over running the kids area. Once again they did a marvelous job, thank you Shawna Bowen.

I would like to thank Samantha Bell from the POA Activities department for all of her support, even on her day off, and The Friday Flyer for publicizing our event. Thank you to my own family, extended family and my long suffering husband Mike Hall who come out and volunteered not just for the festival but for many other mad ideas I have had over the years. Without you all, these mad ideas I have would never come to fruition.

Lyne Hall

Mermaid Festival Chair 2015-2017