Letter: Lake Level


Editor, The Friday Flyer

It’s time to get concerned about the water level of our lake.  From  potential health hazard problems, to the effects of low water levels on  East Bay residents (some hydro-lifts are already no longer functional  and the residents are having to remove their boats and tie them to their docks).

The most recent amendment to the lake lease states that EVMWD has to maintain the lake level at 1372 feet above sea level or the POA can stop the lease payment until the level returns to 1372 feet.  What suitable water (e.g., quagga mussel free) will EVMWD choose to acquire to do this?

The Friday Flyer Weatherman Pat Elliano states that the lake level is currently 1377 feet, nearly three feet less than it was this time last year. EVMWD is planning on taking the lake level down to 1372 feet by the end of October. Generally, the lake evaporates four to five feet annually and we have had an unusually hot summer thus far. How much more water will be lost by the end of October? Also, there is  much uncertainty regarding when we can expect our first rainfall. It seems we may be playing a very dangerous game with the water level issue. What will be the health of the lake as it draws down? Will the East Bay and north ski areas be navigable at a lake level of 1372 feet? What can be done about the increasing sediment levels in those areas?  Is anyone else getting nervous about our lake?  Contact your friendly city and POA members on this matter.

Dave Harrigan