Canyon Lake resident wins $50,000 on television show


Canyon Lake resident Anton Riniti dropped to his knees and began to cry the moment he was announced the winner on the ABC television show Steve Harvey’s Funderdome. “I was completely overwhelmed. For three years, I have dedicated my life to making BeanBagglz the highest quality family game on the market and that moment was my validation. In that moment, I was above all else grateful.”

Steve Harvey’s Funderdome is a seed-funding competition reality series where two budding entrepreneurs go head-to-head to win over a live studio audience to fund their ideas, products or companies. After the two entrepreneurs pitch their products, the audience vote to determine the winner.

After the audience vote, and before the winner is announced, the entrepreneurs face a major dilemma: one of the entrepreneurs is allowed to cash out and walk away for a lesser amount. But if an entrepreneur cashes out, they forgo the opportunity to win the whole cash prize. Cashing out is a good move if they lost the vote, but a bad move if it turns out that the audience voted for them.

Anton turned down the opportunity to cash out and walk away with $20,000. By not cashing out, Anton risked walking away with nothing if he didn’t win the majority of the votes. Anton received 56 percent of the votes, walking away with $50,000. His competitor, who also chose not to cash out, received 44 percent of the votes and walked away with nothing.

“People have asked me if I had any intention of cashing out for a lower dollar amount. It’s a fascinating twist because as a business man sometimes you have to make quick decisions that impact your business. I had to take a step outside my own ego and honestly evaluate if I won the audience over,” said Anton. “When the money climbed to $20,000, I was prepared to hit the button, but ultimately I believed in the greater purpose of this game and felt that resonated with the audience.”

Anton said BeanBagglz is about getting kids off their iPads and increasing family time and encouraging social interaction. “It is ironic to me that the people who voted all did so on iPads. Now that’s funny. I felt that cashing out was saying that I am just here for the money. And I wasn’t. I was there to share a dream, to help make a difference and to bring back the importance of family game nights,” he said.

Anton describes his product as the world’s first bean bag game with interchangeable templates, built in storage bin, wheels and convertible table. BeanBagglz has over 300 game variations. The templates enable players to play games like football, billiards, golf, poker and educational games. “Anyone from three years old and up can enjoy this game. Compact and portable, BeanBagglz is ideal for tailgate parties, kids parties, camping, beaches, competitions and get-togethers with family and friends,” said Anton.

The first shipment of BeanBagglz has arrived in Canyon Lake. “We will be shipping pre-orders this weekend,” said Anton. The night the show aired, the BeanBagglz website was so overloaded with customers that it crashed. Due to the overwhelming amount of orders, a second container of BeanBagglz was ordered and is expected to arrive in two weeks.

Anton is currently in negotiations with large retailers who are interested in carrying his invention. “I will always see himself as an entertainer and motivational speaker even if my product takes off,” explained the two-time U.S.A. Trick Shot Champion of pool and award winning close-up stage magician.

As a result of appearing on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, GoDaddy web hosting company selected Anton to shoot a promotional commercial their new service, Go Daddy Central. “It was a huge honor to work with them. The staff on both shows were a joy to work with,” said Anton.

As a special thank you to the Canyon Lake community for its support, Anton is offering residents a $50 discount on the purchase of beanbagglz. For more information about BeanBagglz, visit bean or contact Anton at 909-559-0735 or


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