Marine Patrol saves sinking boat in East Bay


Marine Patrol responded to a call of a boating sinking in the East Bay on Saturday, June 17. A swift response by Marine Patrol officers not only saved the boat from further damage, but also prevented harmful chemicals and fuels from contaminating the lake. Jordan Sadler, one of the two responding officers, was lauded for a similar save in East Bay just over a year ago on June 20, 2016.
At approximately 5 p.m. on June 17, Marine Patrol received a call from dispatch reporting a boat taking on water at a dock in the East Bay at Pebble Cove near Indian Beach. Officers Jordan Sadler and Max Cawthon were on the scene within 15 minutes. After assessing the situation, officers Sadler and Cawthon determined it was safe to pump the water from the boat. “We didn’t see anything initially,” said officer Sadler.
With the assistance of a nearby boater, the officers pumped out the majority of the water. As the water receded they noticed a brown substance and surmised it could be oil or fuel. To avoid a potential hazmat situation in the lake, officers Sadler and Cawthon placed a boom pad, a sponge like material that absorbs oils and chemicals, around the boat.

Once the boat was stabilized and determined safe, the officers attempted to contact the boat owner. The owners could not be reached. When asked if he thought they were heroes for saving the boat and keeping the lake safe, officer Sadler replied, “It’s just part of the job.”


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