Volunteer Spotlight


Steve Libring is a “behind the scenes” volunteer whose service in the community began when he moved to Canyon Lake in 1983. A traffic engineer since the age of 19, he’s volunteered his expertise to the POA for 34-years.

Steve is a 34-year member of the Facilities Review Committee, formerly known as the Public Works Committee. He’s served over a decade as the chairman of the committee. According to Steve, his work on the committee included developing a plan that saved the POA $8M during the POA’s Chapter 11 reorganization in the 1980s. When the roads were resurfaced a few years ago, Steve developed a plan that combined five years worth of projects into one project, saving the POA another $5M.

In the 80s, Steve was instrumental in getting a traffic signal installed at the intersection of Railroad Canyon Rd. and Canyon Lake Dr. South.

In 1983, Steve helped to clean up Skippers Island, a project spearheaded by Dee Dee Davis. Two months after the clean up, Steve was introduced to Dee Dee’s daughter Diane. They were married two years later. “It was love at first sight,” said Steve.

From 1990 to 2000, Steve served on the Board of Directors of the Canyon Lake Condo Association.

Steve served on the Master Survey Plan Committee and as the chairman of the Lake Lease advisory Committee. When the POA asked for community input on the Main Gate Project, Steve took a proactive approach by submitting a water feature design.

As a member of Canyon Lake Community Church, Steve volunteered with a group of men from the church to provide moving services to the elderly transitioning into assisted living homes. “The only form of payment we would accept was a box of donuts,” said Steve.

Steve’s other involvement in the church includes serving as an usher, serving moms at Mother’s Day luncheons, working in the nursery and coordinating traffic control at major holiday events.

Steve is also active in the Pickleball Club and serves as the club’s vice-president.

Recently, Steve submitted an application to fill a vacancy on the Security Advisory Committee. He’s waiting for a decision by the POA Board of Directors.

Steve says he has no plans to stop serving his community anytime soon.