Priscilla Circle to host luncheon for people living alone


Tomorrow, June 10, Priscilla Circle will host a free luncheon at Canyon Lake Community Church, 30515 Railroad Canyon Rd., from 12 to 2:30 p.m. Doors open at 11:30 a.m. Anyone who falls into the category of living alone, or with a relative or roommate, who would like to attend is invited. Church membership is not required. To make a reservation, call Joan Ellett at 951-941-0859.

Priscilla Circle is one of six circles at Canyon Lake Community Church. The main ministry of this group is PLAN, an outreach to People Living Alone Now. Three times a year, the Priscilla Circle ladies plan and provide a free luncheon for about one hundred people. The food is sometimes cooked by the ladies and other times it’s ordered in. There is always a theme, decorations, food, pleasant conversation, music and a testimony or two.

Priscilla Circle member Nancy Horton said, “The Circle members believe that by easing loneliness of those who are elderly, have lost a spouse or caregiver, or who need a healthy meal with a yummy dessert, that they are doing the work we are called to do as followers of Jesus Christ.”
On Friday before the event, nearly everyone in the Circle shows up to set up fourteen tables, lay out the decorations, and set up the door prizes. The day of the luncheon, Circle ladies dress for the theme. They bring their food items to the church, help set up the beverage tables and food tables and set up the name tags and games.

“This may seem like a list of chores, but nothing could be further from the truth,” said Nancy. “All the activities are filled with laughter, fun, affection and love. The room starts out as taupe colored walls with a gray carpet and ends up colored with all the colors of the rainbow and transformed into a place of cheerful promise.”

Priscilla Circle was established in 2009 by four members. Two of the original members, Alice Gray and Sandra Fulmer, are still active. Alice Gray is the chair and Sandra Fulmer is co-chair of the Circle. The name is dedicated to Priscilla Colwell, a devoted wife, mother and friend to so many ladies in the church. She has since passed away, but her spirit lives on.

The activities of Pricilla Circle, to love and support the lonely, do not end with the PLAN luncheons. The group has divided up over 200 contacts among the members in teams of two or more women. Throughout the year, PLAN members receive Christmas, Valentine, Easter and Thanksgiving cards from their Priscilla team. Priscilla teams send birthday cards, make several calls during the year as reminders of the next luncheon and follow up as friends.

Priscilla Circle meets on first Wednesday of the month at 9:30 a.m. in the Family Activities Building, for fellowship, friendship and outreach. For more information, call Joan Ellett at 951-941-0859 or Alice Gray at 951-244-4605. Callers should  leave contact information.