Audie Murphy Ranch blasting underway


Tom C. Dyke Drilling and Blasting is warning residents that some blasting will be required to complete the excavation and grading for the Audie Murphy Ranch project located outside the east gate.

The blasting was scheduled to begin yesterday, June 1 between 12 and 2 p.m., and will continue with three to four additional blasting events.

A series of six long audible signals will be sounded five minutes prior to each blast.

There will be a series of short audible signals sounded one minute prior to the blast. After the blast, one prolonged signal will be sounded to indicate “all clear.”

Portable seismography machines will be used during the blasting to record vibration levels at areas surrounding the project.

The blasting will be performed by an experienced licensed blaster. The contractor will control blasting so that vibration, flyrock and noise do not cause damage to nearby structures, undue annoyance to nearby residents or danger employees on the project.

Local city and county agencies have established a safety procedure designed to offer the maximum in protection for nearby residents.

For more information, contact Teri at 619-445-2270 or