Letters: Thank You


Editor, The Friday Flyer

The recent Blood and Bone Marrow Drive on Saturday, May 13, was a huge success. I desire to praise my Lord and Savior for this opportunity and challenge in memory of my grandson Trevor, honoring mothers and bringing awareness for how vital this special event makes helping others possible.

Many thanks to those who came to donate blood and be swabbed for bone marrow. My apology to those who waited a long time and needed to leave due to slow processing.

Thank you to the owner and manager of Pepe’s Restaurant for being supportive in this endeavor. Grateful appreciation to the gentleman who kindly bought and brought me coffee that morning.

Many thanks for several friends that assisted, as needed. I’m truly grateful to the businesses that displayed posters and flyers.

A big thanks to Jill Torkelson for the three excellent articles in The Friday Flyer. Great job. Special thanks to and for the wonderful crew with LifeStream. You are the best.

Everyone who helped and participated in this event are greatly valued, every single one. Because of you this was a success. Thank you! If I accidentally overlooked anyone, please forgive me and know it was not my intention.

Pam Malcolmson