Couple takes ‘trip of a lifetime’ on 25-day cruise


Ken and Connie at Blarney Castle in Ireland. Photos provided by Connie Chabrajez

Canyon Lakers Ken and Connie Chabrajez took a 25-day cruise on the Caribbean Princess on what Connie calls “a trip of a lifetime.” The ship sailed from Florida to Bermuda then across the Atlantic Ocean to ports throughout Europe.

In Bermuda the couple took an overview tour. “We found the island to be very beautiful“, said Connie from Bermuda, they spent seven days at sea and celebrated Easter on board.

Their first port in Europe was in Ireland where they visited Blarney’s Castle and Connie kissed the Blarney Stone. From there they went on to England where they toured sea towns St. Ives and Lands End.

In France, the couple explored the cities La Havre and Rouen where they toured the Notre Dame Cathedral of Rouen. In Southampton, England, they toured Windsor Castle and witnessed The Changing of the Guards.

Ken and Connie in the garden at the Small Church.

While the ship was docked in Guernsey, a channel island off the coast of England and the only place in England invaded by the Germans in World War II, Connie and Ken t­oured the island and a church made of sea shells and chipped pottery called the Little Church.

In Dublin, Connie and Ken shopped, lunched at the famous Temple Bar and toured Dublin Castle and the small towns on the western side.

In Hamburg, Germany, Connie and Ken toured Neuengamme Concentration Camp. Connie called the camp tour, “sobering.”