Letters: Main Gate


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

When the plans for the main gate were presented and finalized by our POA board we were told many things about this “great” addition. One thing we were told in publication was that the three gates would be “synchronized” with only one lane gate opening at a time to keep multiple cars at a time from leaving and to “space” the exits. This is not happening. The security persons, much of the time, keep the middle lane gate open and wave vehicles in continuously for long periods of time even though “stop” is printed in each lane.

I live on Golden Gate Dr. and in order to exit I go to the stop sign at Canyon Lake Drive, turn right to burning tree, and make a “safe” u turn to then exit the Main Gate. There is supposed to be no left turning off Golden Gate onto Canyon lake Drive. Much of the time I have to wait for as many as 20 cars in a row let through the middle gate to pass before I can turn right.

Security should be instructed to not pass cars through a stop without taking control of the intersection.

Rodney Brown