Letters: Golf Course


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

This letter is a attempt to bring an awareness to the golf course use policies. Perhaps the policies should be published frequently in The Friday Flyer. Policy enforcement could generate revenue, save maintenance money and enhance the enjoyment of those that utilize the course.

When I see more people in a group playing than there are bags of clubs I ask myself, “Is everyone paying”? Why are people ever allowed on the course without clubs? A none paying player is lost revenue. Too often, no marshal is on the course late in the day when most of these violations occur? Checking for paid receipts and issuing fines could stop this practice.

I once saw a guy on hole 15 get out of his car and put his clubs in his buddies cart. Mandatory doubling up could have eliminated that opportunity.
Why not make it mandatory to double up in a cart when a two or four person group is playing, easy spot and control. When possible, require public players to double up even if their tee times need slight adjustments to make this possible. Less cart traffic means less stress on the grass, which ultimately reduces maintenance costs.

Why are carts with the large knobby tires ever allowed on the fairways? Not good for the grass, which ultimately adds to maintenance costs.
Why are five golfers in a group allowed? This slows down play for everyone behind, creates the need for a single person cart which adds more stress of the grass. Slow play drives away customers.

I believe there should be at least three policy objectives: Increase revenue, save money where possible by reducing maintenance costs and enhance the enjoyment of all. People that follow the rules would appreciate those rules being enforced fairly and consistently.

Bobby Gunter