Here are some POA boating rules and regulations


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LM.6.6 – Load capacity (passengers and / or weight) must not exceed Coast Guard standards for any boat. Length times width divided by fifteen is the approximate number of persons allowed.

LM.6.7 – Main lake ski area speed limit is 35 miles per hour during almanac hours sunrise to sunset, five miles per hour during almanac hours sunset to sunrise and during times of restricted visibility. East Bay, coves, and all other areas are five miles per hour and no wake at all times.

LM.6.14 – Rowboats and other slow moving craft must stay close to shoreline.

LM.7.4 – All powerboats must be operated from the primary operator’s station only. All occupants, except the operator of the boat, must be properly seated when boat is operating at speeds over five miles per hour.

LM.7.7 – Buzzing or wetting down others is prohibited.

LM.8.4 – Windsurfers, pedal boats and paddle boards are allowed in all five mile per hour or less areas only.

LM.9.1 – All skiing / riding is prohibited during the hours between almanac sunset and sunrise.

LM.9.3 – A maximum of one skier or rider may be towed at any time per boat.

LM.9.4 – Ski-pattern is counter-clockwise only. No cross lake skiing / riding, no skiing / riding within any cove and no skiing / riding into or out of any beach. No 180-degree or 360-degree turns except as required by ski pattern or skier / rider pick-up.

LM.9.7 – When a skier / rider is down, display the red or international orange flag, check traffic carefully, throttle back to slow, driver must make left hand turn, circling around and behind skier / rider bringing rope around and behind person in water. The rule is suspended if skier is in danger or threatened by other watercraft.

LM.9.10 – No skiing /riding may start or end at a dock.